Think of us as stock brokers

in a connected world.

If you can’t keep up in a world run by content, prepare to lose your share of the market.

Be clear on what your objectives are, because we’ve created these products to achieve them.

Hero Videos

If a brand ever needed saving, a hero is definitely the one to do it. These videos can come in many forms, many styles, and live predominantly where they will attract the most attention and gain the biggest reaction. These videos are conceptually strong and are capable of causing profound emotional reactions within the targeted audiences.

'I need a hero'

Hub Videos

Hub video’s are the most popular type of video, made mostly for the purpose of online marketing. These videos are able to express exactly what your brand needs to say quickly and in the most entertaining way. They are easily shared, easily understood and extremely watchable.


Dart Videos

Darts are video’s strategically designed to hit a specific hyper-targeted market. Dart video’s are usually thrown directly in the line of sight of the audience you are trying to speak to. Whether it’s direct e-mailers or shared on certain social media channels.

'Shoot straight'

Snack Videos

These video’s are a great way of showcasing your brands culture and personality. It gives your audience a good idea about who you are and what you do and how you work. These video’s help instil a feeling of trust, creating loyal customers who will keep coming back.

'Bite sized'

Guru Videos

Guru’s are the wisest of all the video types. Feel like your audience needs some guidance using your product or service? Need to explain new features? Have an industry professional holding a workshop? Want to go over and above in a client pitch? Just think of these guys as power-point presentations on steroids. They are able to explain and communicate complex concepts in a short amount of time, encouraging viewer engagement and understanding.

'Knowledge is power'

OTT Videos

These video’s are the new kids on the block. They don’t follow social norms in terms of video and everyone can’t help but be interested in themThey go against traditional story telling and instead create experiences.OTT video’s include any type of innovative media that is trending in the world of video marketing. OTT video’s have to keep up with the pace of new technology. They include 36O* video’s, interactive, drone footage,etc.

'Back to the future'

Content that moves, You.

Each of our products have been created to achieve a specific objective and add value to your business. Content that moves you and your audience further in your own story.


Building awarness

Assuming you’ll get your audience’s attention by simply posting content is like assuming people will think you’re cool by the shoes you wear. But it’s not about the shoes, It’s about your footprints. We package your true essence into impact and powerful video’s that leave a long lasting impression on your audience.

The key is to capture your brand’s true essence. People are attracted to genuine people.

Discover the importances of uncovering the deeper purpose of video and how to meet your company goals. Learn more





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Educate your audience

Video’s help your audience decide whether or not they should buy into your brand by teaching them ‘why’ you do what you do. When people feel like there is a purpose behind your business they feel obligated to care. We show your audience that exact purpose.

People don’t care about ‘what you do’ as much as they care about ‘why you do it’.


Target the right audience

Your audience wants to feel like you care. They want to feel like you have personally singled them out and are now speaking to them directly - just like you know them. We produce videos that help water the seeds you have set in place to grow, videos that engage on a personal level, videos that state the problems your audience feel and provides them with a solution.

Relationships are like plants, and the relationship you’ve built with your audience WILL die if it’s not nurtured.